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Young at ART Birthday PARTies!


The birthday girl or boy chooses from a variety of themes for the party, or I can design a new lesson based on your child's passion.  We have done Initials, Fairies, Under the Sea/Mermaids, Just Desserts, Butterflies, Pet Portraits,  Gingerbread Houses, “Kaleidescope” Plates, Leroy Neiman's “Sports Girl”,  Kandinsky Mosaics, Gaugin Watercolor Sunsets , Donuts to name a few.  We talk about a related artist and get right to work on an elaborate mixed-media project.  The parents supply all refreshments.  I supply use of the studio, all art materials, instruction, balloons, and a birthday banner.  I do all prep and clean-up, so the birthday family can come and go with the guests.   Summer and weekends are best, but a school day off or half day works too.  Two hours is the perfect amount of time for an awesome project and cake and ice cream.  Each guest goes home with a  “masterpiece" on a real canvas.


Cost for a personalized ART party is $525 for up to 15 kids.  



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